10 Israeli Must-Have Beauty Products

Many visitors to Israel enjoy soaking up the rays of the Mediterranean sun that beats down unmercifully in the summer months and allows for only a short winter period before returning in full force. Native Israelis tend to love the sunshine too but with time have become more and more aware of the havoc the sun can cause on one’s skin. As a result, Israeli companies spend much time researching ways to protect the skin from the damages of the sun and their products have won international acclaim for their effectiveness.

The most famous of all Israeli cosmetics is undoubtedly the AHAVA line that is created using minerals from the Dead Sea. AHAVA products are sold world-wide and have created a name for themselves as being close to miraculous in their effectiveness. However, one can find cosmeticians, beauty bloggers and skincare experts from all over the world who swear by different Israeli products.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 for you:

1. We can’t help but start off with an Ahava product. Ahava’s “Stress Melt Butter Salt,” is simply magical. With no unappealing oily, coarse effect that is so common in body scrubs, the Ahava body scrub is dry and one simply needs to mix a little with water before rubbing it on. The scent is pleasantly soothing and the product stays on the skin without feeling heavy. By the time you’ve finished scrubbing it has become a lotion and it effectively seals in the moisture.

2. If we’re already waxing lyrical about Ahava then let us not forget the Ahava Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Simply a phenomenal mineral sunscreen that the skin soaks up happily that contains Aloe Vera to calm sun-exposed skin.

3. Another Dead Sea product that is worth taking note of is the “Obey Your Body” peeling gel. This little beauty can be picked up at any kiosk manned by Israelis in malls. The gels acts as a fantastic body and hand lotion as well as a peeling gel.

4. Another winner is the Gigi face cream- a fabulous cream that penetrates the skin and keeps it supple and moist. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories is one of the smaller Israeli cosmetic companies; established in 1957 the products cannot be obtained in pharmacies but can be found in cosmetics studios and spas.

5. The Sea of Life Mineral Butter with Fig Extract is addictive with its rich cream that is chock-full of mineral water, Dead Sea mud, oils and extracts. Despite the thickness of the cream it seeps right in to your skin and believe you me, your skin will thank you for this treasure.

6. Anyone who has spent the summer in Israel knows what a sorry state their feet end up in by the end of the season. And this is where Anna Lotan’s Pineapple Scrub comes in. Simply the best antidote out there for rough, dry feet that have suffered from a long summer of flip-flops and salty sea-water! Anna Lotan Bio-Cosmetics Laboratories manufactures professional skin-care products for usage by skin-care professionals and also have a line of retail products. The specialization of the company is actually drydehydratedoilyacne-prone and sensitive skin types and are definitely worth checking out.

7. If you’re looking for an organic treat, check out Sabon’s Organic Hand-Creams. They are simply stunning- rich in natural oils and with divine smells, the hand-cream is refreshing but won’t overpower any fragrance being worn.

8. We can’t help but include another of Sabon’s offerings- the Lemon Loofah Soap ingeniously contains actual loofah bits (!) and provides a gentle exfoliation without stripping the skin of moisture. Sabon’s products are made from Dead Sea ingredients using a secret Australian recipe.

9. Yarok Haircare was created by Alvow who wanted to produce restorative hair care products that are based on plants. The products are actually not made in Israel but are made by an Israeli who makes full use of his Israeli knowledge of nature to create products based on nutrient-rich oils. Yarok’s Green with Envy Shampoo and Conditioner is gorgeously aromatic and there is absolutely no trace of impurities left on the hair as is too often the case with other non-natural hair-care products.

10. We’ll finish off with yet another Ahava product (what can we do- their products are fabulous!). The Ahava Hydration Masque is simply one of the best treatment masks on the market, intensely nourishing the skin, improving elasticity and boosting the natural texture of the skin.

Source by Uriel Sela

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