5 Beauty and Skincare Advice for Women Travelers

Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences in any lifetime but it can also be an incredibly bad idea for those with skin issues. Understanding a few tips to get a skin care system in place is the first step toward keeping beautiful skin no matter where you travel. Travelers on a budget have a decidedly more difficult task when it comes to skin care than those that are holed up in a cushy hotel room or that are at home, as such there are a few things that any backpacker can do to help make their routine work at any location.

1. Simplify – this is the most important tip that anyone who is traveling or that is going backpacking can do. It is far better to have one product that works well than ten products that do wonders. Choosing one moisturizer and one cleanser is the best option when it comes to simplifying a routine. Try a moisturizer with minimal ingredients and that does not need any special application or process to use properly, something like Eucerin or Jergens is great for this simple lifestyle.

2. Be Consistent – there is nothing better for someone who is going on a trip than to get a skin care regimen in place long before they set out. By taking the time to establish a regimen prior to leaving, the traveler can get all the basic problems like skin irritants, waiting for the product to work, and deciding if they like a product right away. This means that all they have to do is to continue the use of the product after they have set out to keep their skin looking great.

3. Think Universal – for those who are traveling out of the country it may be necessary to think of products that are universal and that can be bought in many different countries. For those who buy travel size products, this is especially important as these tiny wonders tend to run out quite quickly. Buying products that are widely sold around the world may be the best bet when it comes to getting products when you are out of town or on a trip.

4. Avoid Travel Sizes – although these little dainty pieces are incredibly cute and may be the only thing getting through TSA, they are also a waste of money. These products run out quickly, cost nearly as much as full size products, and are a hassle all around. Instead, opt for full size products. If you cannot buy them where you are going, consider having a friend or family member mail them to you once you arrive to help prevent any air port mix ups and to get the products to you fast. You can also buy makeup online or visit a beauty store once you reach your destination.

5. Do Not Create a Brand Allegiance – this is the worst thing that any traveler can do. Instead, choose products that have ingredients that are common in other brands so that it is the formula you like rather than the actual brand or product they are producing. This will increase the likelihood that users will be able to find special products abroad.

Source by Tanya Loo

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