Choosing The Right Weight Loss Pills – Does Hoodia Work?

Weight loss pills are a multi-million-dollar business world-wide. Every year, people around the world spend more than 50 billion dollars on weight loss products that are supposed to help them slim down. The causes are manifold, from cosmetic reasons, and the progressive world focus on the skinny model type as beautiful, to the health problems that overweight people often face.

Current lifestyle trends have begun focusing on healthier lifestyles that are more natural with an emphasis on nutrition and exercise, natural cosmetics, and alternative medicines. People are paying more attention to fitness and general physical appearance. In this atmosphere, weight reduction methods are some of the hottest items today.

Overweight people usually end up paying a heavy price in health. Excess weight and obesity are leading factors contributing to a number of serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, type 1 and 2 diabetes, arthritis, asthma, certain kinds of cancer and kidney malfunctions. Obesity is also the second largest cause of preventable deaths every year, in the US alone. Obesity related health issues cost the nation around $100 billion in healthcare costs as well as millions in workday losses.

Weight loss pills do a roaring business, not surprisingly, and many of them contain harmful and banned substances, although many are also made from other natural extracts, or Hoodia.

These are often used to help people lose weight suppress appetite, boost energy and improve physical endurance. Weight reducing products containing harmful substances have been a subject of controversy for some time now, and seem to be the cause, or contributing factor, in hundreds of deaths. In addition, thousands of people have had serious adverse reactions to the weight loss pills containing such substances.

The AMA (American Medical Association) recommended the banning harmful chemicals, because the perceived benefits of such pills are far outweighed by the increased risks of heart attack, stroke and even death.

There are other options, alternatives, like Hoodia or Hoodia Gordonii for example. this is a cactus like, Southern African, flowering plant used more and more as an appetite suppressant and an anti-obesity drug for making weight reducing pills and other products. The active ingredient in Hoodia Gordonii works as a natural appetite suppressant, with no demonstrated side effects so far.

However, one must be careful while choosing or using weight loss pills

  • Remember that no pills can claim to be a permanent cure.
  • No pills can promise immediate, effortless or guaranteed results.
  • Don’t trust vague testimonials that cannot be verified.
  • Before buying weight loss pills, check with your doctor, a nutritionist or a dietician.

Exercising caution is the best way of avoiding the numerous scams running today, that sell weight loss pills.

Source by Jia Mata

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