Green Tea Pills and Weight Loss – Should These Two Phrases Be in the Same Sentence?

The truth about green tea pills and weight loss is as clear as mud. Researchers don’t want to commit to saying too much positive or definitive about green tea pills and weight loss. The less researchers know about the connection, the more big words they use to explain the results, until you doze off and hit your head on the keyboard.

What we have questions about or don’t know:

  • Researchers can’t verify that weight loss is attributed to green tea compounds alone. Most trials have many variables during testing of humans, such as dissimilar diets for each person, different body types, and different activity levels during the testing period.
  • Daily intake amounts of green tea compounds in studies varied greatly with no conclusive relationship to the effect on weight loss.
  • Different studies used different methods to quantify results: pounds lost, millimeters of waistline reduced, waist to hip ratio, abdominal fat thickness, body mass index, and reduction in body fat.
  • Studies conclude with encouragement like: always combine the pills with an exercise program, watch the portion sizes of food, add more spices to your diet, get enough sleep, and drink enough water. Apparently the researchers cannot clearly say that the pills will induce weight loss on their own.
  • There are confidence-destroying conclusions from green tea pills and weight loss studies such as: might be useful, no statistical difference, need for well-designed and controlled clinical studies, and tea could pass for a weight loss beverage.

What we are quite sure we know:

  • Green tea compounds contain catechins with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These are powerful antioxidants that protect many organs and functions within your body.
  • These catechins fight free radicals, thus protecting your cells and DNA from damage. They fight disease and infections, which reduces inflammation in your system.
  • There is evidence that these catechins reduce fat mass, fat absorption, plasma levels of triglycerides, free fatty acids, cholesterol, glucose, and insulin levels.
  • Research has shown that these green tea compounds have diuretic properties and increase the body’s metabolism without increasing the heart rate.
  • There are some studies that indicate combining EGCG with caffeine produces a slight increase in weight reduction.

You could become confused when your green tea pills and weight loss fact-finding mission results in conflicting information and too many choices. You will see these green tea products called diet pills, weight loss capsules, super green tea diet, fat burner, and muscle builder. They may contain other ingredients besides the green leaf compounds.

Make no mistake about it; green tea compounds have tremendous positive health effects on our bodies. I agree that there are many reasons to eat a diet that contains these green leaf catechins as a brew, an extract in capsule or pill, or in a balanced nutritional supplement.

Simplify life; consider eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Combine a healthful diet with regular exercise and a nutritional supplement containing catechins, and you can lose weight until you reach a comfortable sustainable level.

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Source by J Peter Crane

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