Home Remedies and Usage of Potatoes for Skin Care

Potatoes have many uses in beauty. Being so cheap and readily available in Eastern Europe has been used in many recipes for natural beauty. It is not only good for your skin but also best for your daily nutrition because it contains carbohydrates that are very helpful for skinny people and gym guys for weight gaining.

1- Potatoes are used in beauty treatments

the raw potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties. They are rich in nutrients and contain some acids, enzymes, trace minerals and compounds that benefit health and skin. Boiled potatoes contain heavy calorie that is very good for weight gaining.

2- Skin Benefits of potatoes

It helps in recovering swollen bags under eyes due to sleep disorder and dark circles.

It also helps to shrink the tissues in the face which helps prevent skin looseness due to aging factors.

Potatoes helps to calm irritated skin due to summer sun light and beach air moisture that damage skin upper layer cause irritation.

Helps clean and clear the skin as the potato used in skin care is always used raw. Slices can be used in the game or grated potato.

Beauty remedies with potatoes: potatoes used in making homemade skin remedies like masks, slices and juices.

3- Potatoes Mask for skin

this mask can be used when the skin is irritated or sunburned, when many pimples, or to refresh and tone the facial skin. need half a potato or potato grated potato Apply clean face Let it set for 10 to 15 minutes then wash with warm water and apply moisturizer as usual If the pope is moving much you can put gauze or a towel on the face for him to stay in place. Some people use this mask twice a week to clear the skin.

4- Potatoes for skin dark circles

Put potato slices over the eyes and leave for 10 minutes. You can also put potato juice. Its acids, enzymes, trace minerals and compounds clean dark circles and make your skin healthy and smooth.

5- Treat Burned sun due to direct sunlight

You can use the juice from the grated potato on affected areas. Keep it on skin 10 to 15 minutes and wash do not dry with towel let it dry itself. Treat this kind of skin with care during applying masks and washing.


Do not use green potatoes because they contain small amounts of toxic substances that are not good for skin because of heavy acid.

Source by Aman Xarwar

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