Several Tips On How To Build Muscles Fast

If you want to build your muscles fast both diet and exercise is extremely important. With the right exercise routine and the right fitness meal plan you can tone muscles fast and notice the different in bulk and mass. Refer to the tips below and be one your way to a muscular body in a matter of no time.

Build Strength

While it may seem like a no brainer, you can not build muscles without building strength. Strength training is the first key to building muscle mass naturally. By starting off with lighter weights and adding weights gradually through your workout routine you will push your body out of its comfort zone.

Avoid Routines Explained by Body Building Champions

Body Building champions may have bulky muscle tone however the routines they create are designed for their stature. If you are trying to tone and build muscles chances are you do not resemble a body builder. Avoid doing routines that will get you now and stick to proven routines that are known to build muscle mass.

Free Weights are your Friends

While there are several circuit machines at the gym none of these machines will truly balance weight like free weights. Barbells are great for lifting the heaviest weight to put stress on your muscles. You can not build muscle mass without putting stress on your muscles. Free weights are efficient and versatile. If you are performing cardio add dumbbells to your routine for increased efficiency.

Do Not Stick to Isolated Exercises

If you have already built strength and mass isolated exercises are good for maintaining. If you are trying to build muscles it is best to perform exercises that hit several different muscle target areas. Pull-ups, chin-ups, overhead presses and squats are far more effective than bicep curls and leg extensions.


Letting your body recover is very important. While the pros may work out every day of the week when you are just starting to build muscle you need to take a break so that your muscles can grow. Start out focusing of the intensity of your workouts 3 days a week and gradually increase your schedule once you have built endurance.

Eat and Drink Water

Drink 2 cups of water at every meal and keep your body hydrated. Your muscle can not grow without being fed. Eat whole foods like protein, carbs, vegetables, fruits, and fats. Your muscle will not be able to recover and grow if you are not eating the right food and enough of it.

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